Guiding you from Concept Development, through Prototype & Product Validation, with...
..Tooling Recommendations and Innovative Production Processes to Finished Product:
UBS_Underbody Heat Shield for Fuel Tank
Thermal-Acoustic Cowl Insulator
UBS_Underbody Heat Shield
Assembled Pallet
Reinforced thermoset hinge
Reinforced Thermoplastic UBS topside
Reinforced Thermoplastic UBS underside
ComposiGrip Anti-Slip Stair Tread in Grey
ComposiGrip Anti-Slip Stair Tread in Beige

​Comoldco Corporation composites and insulators : ​​Over 55 years of experience in auto parts mftg​

Comoldco Corporation composites and insulators: At Comoldco we specialize in thermoset compression molding of FRP plastics and thermal/acoustic attenuation materials for automotive and a diverse range of markets. We also manufacture a proprietary product: ComposiGrip brand anti-slip step covers and stair treads. We are experts at compression molding plastic.

Design Team

Our design team will expertly guide you to select the appropriate raw materials, make tooling design recommendations, and provide assistance with your mold and product design. We are ISO9001-2015 Certified.

Prototype To Production

We offer a complete range of services from prototype, and product validation to production. With our extensive knowledge of thermoset compression molding and industry standards we strive to exceed your expectations from product inception to finished part. We can assist with your compression  molding plastic project.