Electric Vehicles Components

As the world knows, the push for electric vehicles has never been stronger. With that comes the demand for weight reduction initiatives. GMT, Glass Mat Thermoplastic and SMC, Sheet Molding Compound, have become increasingly viable options to provide lighter weight alternatives in the automotive sector.

Compression molding of GMT allows Comoldco Corp. to create this lightweight product line which can be used in various applications on electric vehicles. From underbody shields, bumpers, and grills the choices for use and designs are endless and we are here to assist in your molding of these new innovations.

SMC can replace metal body panels while increasing impact resistance and decreasing weight. Cosmetically, it is very difficult to tell them apart.

Battery Boxes must be constructed with very specific performing materials as the main concerns are related to heat isolation. These materials feature extreme fire resistance and low smoke emissions. We also utilize similar materials in our transit seating and Subway platforms.