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Speed, agility, performance and longevity; all vehicle manufacturers strive for the very best. With years of industry experience and an expert knowledge of composite materials, Comoldco offers you the ability to take your next model above and beyond expectations with lighter and more durable compression molded car parts.

Premier Automotive Part Manufacturing

Comoldco Corporation utilizes sheet molding compounds (SMC), bulk molding compounds (BMC) and glass mat reinforced thermoplastic (GMT) materials to manufacture light-weight, heat resistant and impact resistant compression molding car parts. Working with some of the most notable global brands, we have obsessed over all the small details, so you don’t have to. Our expertise, and modern equipment, allows us to manufacture a wide range of lightweight, high preforming and aesthetically impressive auto- motive parts. Our Class A FRP products are ASTM E84 certified for heat resistance, and important safety feature in automotive part manufacturing.
2020 Dodge Challenger Sport Black
Comoldco Heated Shields Top

Heat Shields

Heat shields are used to protect the vehicle, and occupants, from the 600-degree temperatures caused by the exhaust and have traditionally been made from pieces of sheet metal welded in place. Alternatively, however, Comoldco offers a best in class solution. Our compression molded, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) heatshields are molded as one, incredibly lightweight, piece, which not only reduces the overall weight of the vehicle but eliminates the risk of small pieces breaking off and rattling around underneath the hood. Tested by the OEM for both its heat reduction and impact resistance capabilities, our compression molded heat shields out preform traditional metal heat shields in every way.

Under Body Shields

Designed to protect the car’s engine from debris and damage, it is imperative the underbody shield is composed of a water, heat and chemical resistance material, that is non-corrosive. Where metal or other traditional materials may fail in this, our compression molded fiberglass reinforced plastic, with Class A finishes, provides the perfect solution. This lightweight material creates a highly durable protective part, that will not erode or weigh the car down. Additionally, Comoldco offers co-molding and application of liners and protective films, found to be especially useful in manufacturing automotive parts, like heatshields. Post-forming services such as precision trimming ensure highly detailed, accurate parts.

Comoldco Underbody Shield
Electric Car Charing - Comoldco Parts

Electric Vehicles Components

The push towards electric vehicles has never been stronger, and Comoldco is here to meet the demand for weight reduced automotive parts with glass mat thermoplastic and sheet molding compounds. Compression molding of our expertly engineered composites can replace the need for metal body parts while increasing impact resistance. Additionally, battery boxes are need to be constructed of heat and fire resistance materials, and our Class A FRP products are the perfect choice.

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