Exceptional Marine Parts

Corrosion Resistant

FRP thermoset products are impervious to the effects of water, salt and chemicals.

Easy Installation

Light-weight FRP composites are easy to install, in projects big or small.

Enhanced Durability

Compression molded FRP products offer better impact absorption and a longer lifespan.

Marine Parts

Long-term performance, high durability and water resistance make compression molded FRP composites the ideal solution for manufacturing industry-leading marine parts. Comoldco’s expert knowledge of composite materials lends to your success in achieving outstanding results. Additionally, our purpose-built facility is outfitted with the latest technology, to simplify the manufacturing of even the most complex and intricate parts.

Industry-Leading Marine Parts

Combining our industry knowledge with the use of first-class sheet molding compounds (SMC) and glass mat reinforced thermoplastics (GMT) Comoldco proudly manufactures lightweight and easy to install marine products, which are impervious to the negative effects of water and salt. The use of fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) results in a more cost-effective, lightweight and longer-lasting product compared to traditional materials such as wood, steel or even concrete. 

Our automated and streamlined manufacturing process allows for high output volumes, while still retaining enough flexibility in order to pivot when you need to.

myDock Deck Hinge
Composite dock hinge manufactured by Comoldco

Dock Components

Unlike traditional materials, such as concrete, wood and steel, FRP composites are impervious to both chemicals and salt, and withstand the eroding effects of water. The unmatched strength of FRP, impressive durability and overall ease of maintenance make compression molded FRP components the ideal choice for all docks and dock components. Our industry-leading compression molding techniques allows us to manufacture a variety of products, including non-slip dock boards which have a tenacious anti-slip grip molded right into the surface to enhance durability and longevity. For other dock components, such as dock hinges, FRPs are the ideal choice for a rust-proof, UV stable and corrosion resistant solution. Comoldco’s compression molded FRP dock components outperform traditional materials and keep you on top of the industry’s surface.

Boat Motors

To get you where you’re going faster, choose compression molded FRP components to take your boat motors to the next level. Thermoset SMC components are well equipped to perform well in adverse conditions.  The compression molding of FRP composites allows for the manufacturing of waterproof, non-corrosive, rust proof and light-weight boat motor components. Where traditional materials may fall short, our compression molded fiberglass reinforced plastics, with Class A finishes, provides the perfect solution for powerful, long-lasting and sleek boat motor components. Our industry expertise allows us to help you select the best material to create a lightweight product that can withstand the challenging conditions of use in water. Additionally, the material is non-corrosive making it the ideal choice for use in salt-water

Comoldco's Boating Motor

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