Ecoglo photoluminescent Path Markings

Ecoglo® products provide best in class emergency lighting, for hours after the power has failed. Thanks to a patented manufacturing process which utilizes the embedment of a dry powder, Ecoglo® offers the best photoluminescent properties available on the market. Where the widely used liquid formulas can suffer from settling out and create an inconsistent light source, Ecoglo®’s dry powder technology ensures a long-lasting, steady glow.

The luminous properties available in Ecoglo® products are like any other luminous egress path markings available on the market. Each product has been subjected to rigourous testing to ensure a highly visible, consistent and long-lasting emergency light source.

Providing a full range of products, Ecoglo® can be used to create a complete egress system in any building. After gaining a charge from a natural or artificial light source, Ecoglo® products glow brightly in the dark for hours to come, operating completely independently of the building’s power supply. These luminous egress path markings not only meet but exceed all relevant national and international building, fire and life safety code requirements.

Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Ecoglo® offers three different types of running man exit signs, to ensure there is a solution for everyone! The Standard Series Exit Sign provides your facility with the safest back up technology, without the use of batteries or additional power sources. The Architectural Exit Sign provides the same industry-leading photoluminescent technology and dependably as the standard series, but in a more elegant finish. This sign has an acrylic coating with beveled edges to elevate the look and feel of your building. Additionally, Ecoglo® offers a Hybrid Running Man Exit Sign which incorporates the photoluminescent technology with next-generation LED technology.

Photoluminescent Step Edges and Stair Nosings

Thanks to Ecoglo®’s photoluminescent step edge markings, you can reduce the risk of slips and trips in your building while enhancing stairway safety and egress speeds. Combined with a non-slip strip, Ecoglo®’s photoluminescent contrast strips carefully guide patrons through a building’s stairways during a power failure. The importance of step edge visibility cannot be understated and the use of Ecoglo® products ensure high step edge visibility, not matter the lighting condition. Additionally, Ecoglo®’s step edge markings and stair nosings are available without the photoluminescent strip to enhance step edge safety and modernize the look and feel of your building.

Path Marking Signage

To safely guide patrons towards the exit discharge, in all lighting conditions, Ecoglo® provides a variety of path marking and directional signage to complete your building’s egress pathway. Some examples of these signs are floor identification signs, aisle markers, obstruction tape, door hardware markers, door exit signs and directional signage. These highly visible, glow in the dark signs communicate critical egress information to patrons, so weather they’ve visited your facility before or not, navigating to the exit discharge is easy.

Guidance and Handrail Strips

Ecoglo®’s guidance and handrail strips can be used in a variety of path marking applications. Often guidance strips are mounted either on the wall or floor of the egress path to indicate the perimeter of the pathway and keep patrons safely within the exit pathway while guiding them towards the final exit discharge. Handrail strips are applied to the topside of the handrail within critical exit stairways to ensure visibility.

Creating a Visibly Better Solution with Comoldco

Comoldco expertly combines safety and durability of ComposiGrip Non-Slip Stair Treads with the photoluminescent properties of Ecoglo®’s photoluminescent strips to bring you the safest stair tread available.