Prison Furniture

No matter how tough your facility is, our institutional furniture is tougher! Designed and manufactured to withstand the wear and tear of even the most challenging environments, our prison furniture has been installed coast-to-coast with a zero-fail record.

You can rely on Comoldco to take your need for durable, long-lasting anti-ligature furniture seriously. Every product in our prison furniture line has been designed with safety, comfort, and performance in mind.

The unique manufacturing and molding process produces single piece, sturdy anti-ligature furniture. The use of our unique Herculite material, a durable proprietary plastic composite, allows our institutional furniture to be non-flammable and impossible to scratch or carve. Consequently, and with the help of our one-piece design, the concealment of contraband is nearly impossible.

Each piece of our prison furniture features rounded edges to enhance safety and the durable satin finish makes cleaning quick and easy. Our durable products can easily be installed free-standing to the floor or up against the wall using a powerful epoxy resin to create a safe, seamless installation.

Our wide variety of anti-ligature furniture has quickly become the industry standard for fire and building code compliance. Each product has been tested extensively to ensure it withstands even the most challenging wear and tear.

From anti-ligature restraint beds to plastic prison chairs and everything in between, you are sure to find every piece of institutional furniture you need to create a safe, comfortable facility.

Each of our prison furniture products are available in a wide range of colours to best suit your facility and the environment you are trying to achieve. Can’t see what you’re looking for? At Comoldco, we offer complete customization, so you can furnish your facility exactly the way you want to!

Max-Secure® Security Systems has proudly been providing correctional facilities and psychiatric hospitals with durable institutional furniture to meet the demands of those challenging environments, while still making residents feel comfortable. The rehabilitative nature Max-Secure® products foster brings a sense of calm and comfort to residents, fostering a positive environment in your facility.

Our line of expertly designed anti-ligature furniture is a result of years of field research in environments as tough as yours, coupled with consultation from justice architects, jail administrators, maintenance staff as well as corrections and healthcare practitioners.  

Max-Secure® is dedicated to continuously putting safety first without having to sacrifice the comfortable and positive nature of your facility. Our exceptional commitment to safety brings you a full range of anti-ligature furniture that exceeds even the most stringent safety standards.

The wide variety of detention furniture offered through Max Secure allows you to pick and choose the products your facility needs to properly furnish your facility.

Resident Room Furniture

Our resident room prison furniture offers an extensive range of products so you can comfortably furnish your residents’ rooms, allowing residents to settle into your facility nicely. The pieces of jail furniture that have been designed for use in resident rooms have been manufactured with safety at the forefront of the design, while making sure not to sacrifice comfort. These products are perfect for anyone looking to provide residents with the best in comfort with exceptional safety standards.

Our resident room prison furniture product line includes beds with and without storage, bunk beds with a support ladder, extremely safe anti-ligature restraint beds, storage shelves, as well as desks with matching stools.

Dining and Day Room Furniture

For any facility looking to enhance communal areas, foster friendships and positive interactions between residents, our line of dining and day room institutional furniture encourages just that without giving up anything in terms of safety. The products available in this anti-ligature prison furniture line allow for safer gatherings between residents and visitors while maintaining the comfort needed for a communal space. These products are sure to enhance any of the shared spaces in your facility!

Included in this product line of institutional furniture you will be able to find dining tables, games tables, and matching chairs with or without arms.

Customized Prison Furniture

We know your facility is unique and you need safety solutions just as customized! At Comoldco, we specialize in thermoset compression molding of FRP plastics. We are dedicated to working with your team to come up with the pieces of prison furniture you need to enhance the safety and comfort of your facility. Our design team is there to help you prototype your piece of anti-ligature prison furniture and recommend the best materials. With our extensive knowledge of thermoset compression molding, we strive to exceed your expectations in every way!

Trust Comoldco to expertly assist you with your compression molding plastic prison furniture product.