Product Development Services

Material Selection

Our expertise with reinforced thermoset plastics (SMC & BMC) and thermal and acoustic attenuation materials will give you an edge on selection of best materials for your product development

Concept Development

Our strength is design and processing and we remain firmly involved throughout the product development process, design and fabrication process.

Our design team will carefully review your concept drawings, design or CAD drawings and make recommendations for improvement to ensure the design works, before any production begins. 

All tooling drawings are reviewed before any steel is cut to ensure we deliver innovative mold design that assures quality finished products.  Often, molds will be chrome plated to reduce wear and ensure part quality.

Product Prototype Development and Product Validation

From prototype development and product validation to finished goods, we offer a complete range of services

Short Runs or High Volume

Whether your needs are for short-term overcapacity or long-term high volume production, we can provide the solution.

Inserts and Assembly

Our capabilities include complex operations involving molding with inserts as well as component assembly (fastening, bonding, etc.). We can also do in-mold labeling; add your logo; or other cosmetic features and branding.

Leading Edge of Technology

Continuous improvement of our capabilities by the exploration, development and implementation of new technologies, materials and processes including high volume process automation, will keep us on the leading edge of technology for our industry

Committed to Excellence

With our extensive knowledge of industry standards, we are committed to exceed your expectations from product inception to finished part

ISO9001 Certified

Being ISO9001-2015 Certified means our company is committed to total quality management; a customer focus, a continually improving process approach implemented throughout the organization, critical processes and their interactions are understood and documented, and a strong management commitment to all these facets of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.  Plus, these quality management system facets are verified by an independent third party who understands ISO 9001 QMS as well as the industry in which we operate.