In-Mold Powder Coat

Comoldco’s in-mold coatings process consists of applying a specially formulated powder coat paint to a part. This is done by applying the powder in the mold using an electrostatic charge. We do this immediately prior to the molding material being introduced into the mold. This way, the powder cures and bonds to the material as the material forms and cures. This creates a superior bond between the paint and SMC material.

Our variety of mold coatings function as substrate porosity fillers and sealers as well as offer UV protection against fading. This provides a uniform high quality surface. Comoldco’s coatings can offer an economical reduction in the costs compared with processes which apply primers and coatings after the fact. This is achieved by eliminating additional steps in the manufacturing process. Our process also improves the environmental impact by eliminating multiple priming, painting and finishing steps. The powder base also emits very few fumes compared to the liquid spray alternative. 

Surface Applied Transit Tiles

Liquid Prime and Paint

SMC parts can also be primed and painted with specialty paints. This is a secondary operation which we execute externally for our customers through strong supplier relations.  Parts are primed and painted and offer Class A high end finishes.