Comoldco Corporation

Quality Compression Molding


A proudly ISO 9001:2015 certified company.


Pursing applications of FRP composites in every industry.


Unmatched knowledge of composite materials.

Why Chose Comoldco

With almost 60 years of experience, Comoldco Corporation has become an industry leader in reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic compression molding. Our investment in high-tech equipment and constant drive to innovate has allowed us to collaborate with highly respected global brands, creating exceptionally better FRP composite parts. A dedicate team of expert engineers and designers work with you side by side to create better preforming, more cost-effective parts, from concept to completion.

Our expertise in material selection, mold and product design, and production is most commonly used throughout the automotive industry but has been applied across the transit, marine, safety and recreational industries.

What We Offer

Our state of the art 33,000 square foot facility allows us to take on larger, impressive projects.

Available Press Sizes

  • 2000 ton
  • 1400 ton
  • 1000 ton
  • 800 ton
  • 350 ton
  • 300 ton
  • 2 x 250 ton


  • Robotic Press Tending
  • Robotic Part Drilling and Trimming
  • 7 Axis Waterjet
  • Vision System Quality Control
  • Special Purpose Drilling

Advantageous Location

Comoldco’s two locations, in Southwestern Ontario and Northern New York, puts us right in the middle of the automotive hub, allowing for expedited part delivery. Additionally, our compression molding manufacturing process cuts down the lead times of traditional manufacturing, ensuring your parts get to customers sooner.

2010 Olympic Torch manufactured at Comoldco

Proud Moment in History

In preparation of the 2010 Winter Olympics, proudly hosted in Vancouver, Canada, Comoldco had the honor of being involved in the tooling design, manufacturing and compression molding of the Olympic Torch.

Let’s Create Better Parts

Comoldco Corporation is dedicated to providing a stronger, lighter and more cost-effective part. Work with us today to experience the difference quality compression molding makes.