Leading FRP Composite Coatings

Enhance the look and performance of your compression molded parts.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Protect against UV fading and provide a beautiful finish.

Value Added

Decrease production costs and lead times.

Highly Durable

Automotive grade and Class-A coatings available.


Comoldco Corporation’s commitment to making the best plastic parts available on today’s market goes beyond compression molding and our dedication to providing our customers with expectational, fully finished products can be seen through our industry leading product coatings and finishes. This value-added process has been designed specifically to enhance the aesthetics and performance of compression molded composite materials.

Impressive Coating Abilities

Our in-mold powder coatings and liquid prime and paint services meet a wide range of customer requirements, across all industries. Class-A surface finishes are available and our coatings meet the stringent standards of the automotive sector. Not only do Comoldco’s coating services enhance the look of compression molded parts, but provide valuable protection to lengthen the life-span and boost performance of your products.

Access Tile Transit-Tiles
Max-Secure Estilo armless chair

In-Mold Powder Coatings

Our in-mold powder coating process applies a specially formulated powder-coat paint to any FRP part by applying the powder in the mold using an electrostatic charge. This process takes place immediately before introducing the composite material into the mold. This allows the powder to cure and bond to the material, as the material forms and cures, creating a superior bond between the coating and SMC material.

Our variety of in-mold powder coatings function as substrate porosity fillers and sealers, as well as providing parts with high UV protection, preventing fading and provides a uniform, high quality surface. In-mold powder coating reduces steps in the manufacturing process, driving costs down and creating quicker lead times. Our process also improves the environmental impact by eliminating multiple priming, painting and finishing steps. The powder base also emits very few fumes compared to the liquid spray alternative. 

Some examples of in-molded powder coated products include:

  • Detectable warning tiles
  • Comoldco’s proprietary line of anti-slip stair treads, ComposiGrip
  • Auto parts
  • Institutional furniture

Liquid Prime and Paint

After the compression molding process, SMC parts can easily be primed and painted with specialty paints and Class-A finishes. At Comoldco, this secondary operation is conducted externally, by our industry leading partners and can be completed to meet your exact project requirements.

Some examples of liquid prime and paint products include:

  • Transit seating
  • Arena and stadium seating
  • Multi-media parts
Assembled LRT Transit Seating
Auto parts manufactured by Comoldco

Class A Finishes

We understand the aesthetics of finished parts can make a big difference to your customer, that’s why Comoldco utilizes the unique composition of sheet molding compounds (SMC) to achieve impressive Class A surface finishes. The surface quality of each finished part is carefully analyzed to ensure a smooth, continuous finish in all directions. 

Class A finishing is especially important in the automotive industry, as aesthetics can make all the difference in an automotive sale.

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