Premier Compression Molding

Reinforced thermoset and thermoplastics compression molding

World-Class Equipment

Our purpose-built facility can handle projects of all sizes, equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art presses.

Impressive Knowledge

Our expertise in composite materials helps you to find the best raw material for your product.

Repeatable Uniformity

High quality assurance measures ensure uniformity across high volume production.

Compression Molding

Comoldco supports high volume reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic compression molding, with custom automation to achieve complete accuracy. We know an impressive finished part starts with an equally impressive mold. That’s why our team of expert engineers and designers work with you one on one to create custom tooling and mold designs to meet the exact, and unique, needs of your project. 

Additionally, we can mold with inserts to combine metal and composites into your part, as well as in-mold coatings. After the molding process, Comoldco provides de-flashing and finishing parts as well as component assembly.

Featured Compression Molding Capabilities

Beyond the ease of design and production, compression molded parts boast a higher strength to weight ratio than steel and outperform traditional materials in every way.  As experts in compression molding, Comoldco is able to offer you the very best in SMC, GMT and BMC Molding.

Comoldco Compress Molding Machine
Access Tile Transit-Tiles

SMC Molding

The introduction of SMC (sheet molding compound) created a vast shift as companies chose to move away from metals and start using polymers. SMC compression molding provides lightweight, durable and highly detailed products, at a fraction of the cost. Its lightweight and resistance to high-impact speeds are just a couple of reasons why so many of the world’s most notable vehicle brands now rely on SMC molding. An added benefit of SMC molding is high production volumes in short time periods, all with exact precision and accuracy thanks to our custom molds. SMC compression molding further saves time as they can be primed in mold, eliminating waiting times. 

Some examples of products that can be made with SMC compression molding include: 

  • Auto parts 
  • Baths/spas 
  • Seating for arenas, cinemas, stadiums and even transit
  • Our proprietary line of anti-slip stair treads, ComposiGrip. 
  • Detectable Warning tiles


Some Benefits of SMC compression molding include:

  • Reduction in weight, cost, wait times and waste 
  • Non-corrosive 
  • Impact resistant 
  • Heat and noise attenuation

GMT Molding

Similar to SMC molding, glass mat thermoplastics (GMT) are ideal for creating lightweight and durable product parts, most commonly used in the automotive and building and construction industries. The material is heated prior to molding which decreases the time it takes to form into the shape of the mold. GMT molding offers manufacturing flexibility and can incorporate a decorative or function surface laminated to one side of the raw material. For high production of one part design, GMT is the most desirable choice. 

Some examples of products that can be made with GMT compression molding include: 

  • Auto parts 
  • Marine Parts 
  • Electrical Components 
  • Concert Speakers


Some Benefits of GMT compression molding include: 

  • Increased stiffness, strength and durability 
  • Complex parts can be molded in shorter periods of time
  • Ideal for large parts 
  • Works well under very high pressures
  • High production efficiency 
  • Non-corrosive and resistant to heat and impact.
NyDock dock hinge manufactured by Comoldco
Max-Secure Estilo Dining Table

BMC Molding

Bulk molding compounds (BMC), which is an unformed material mixture of resin FRP, can be used in compression molding as well as injection and transfer molding, making it a highly versatile material. Compression molding of BMC allows for tight dimensional control and creates a high-strength end-product that is flam resistant and boasts high color stability.

Some examples of products that can be made with BMC compression molding include: 

  • Electrical components 
  • Institutional furniture 
  • Auto parts 


Some benefits of BMC molding include:

  • Increased life span over traditional materials 
  • High UV and color stability 
  • Available in a wide variety of colors 
  • High strength 
  • Corrosion resistant

Expert Equipment

Comoldco Corporation’s 33,000 sq ft facility houses a number of impressive compression molds, ranging up to 2000 tons. Among our molding equipment is a number of robotic flex cells which are used to preform secondary tasks and finishing, increasing product uniformity and decreasing lead-times.

Press sizes include: 2000 ton, 1400 ton, 1000 ton, 800 ton, 350 ton, 300 ton, and 250 ton x2

Chose Comoldco Corporation for your Compression Molding

Our expert knowledge of raw materials, combined with extensive experience and the latest molding technology ensures your compression molded parts exceed expectations.