Impeccable Institutional Furniture

One-Piece Molding

Large pieces of furniture molded as a single piece to enhance safety.

Impenetrable Surface

Expert material choice allows for pick-proof surface.

Calming Colors

Molded using nature inspired colors to create a calming environment.

Institutional Furniture

Safety, durability and comfort are at the forefront of every design for institutional furniture, and Comoldco provides the manufacturing processes to back it up. With large, modern equipment and an industry-leading expertise in composite materials, Comoldco provides the compression molding services you need to enhance the environment of any institution.

Durable Institutional Furniture Manufacturing

Utilizing state-of-the art compression molds with our industry-leading knowledge of bulk molding compounds (BMC), Comoldco manufactures one-piece furniture that is completely safe for use in challenging environments, and durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear in challenging environments. Our choice materials make institutional furniture non-flammable and extremely hard-wearing, the surface is impossible to scratch or carve. The one-piece molding process eliminates the possibility of contraband concealment and is an important aspect of anti-ligature safety.

Max-Secure Estilo armless chair
Installed bunk bed inside a jail cell

Resident Room Furniture

Providing a sense of normalcy and comfort within resident rooms brings a range of benefits to residents, staff member and the facility as a whole. Where traditional furniture pieces may not be safe to use and alternative choices too rigid and uncomfortable to reap the same benefits, Comoldco’s expert compression molding systems offers the ultimate solution. Ranging from nightstands to beds, each piece of furniture is molded as a single piece with rounded corners and an impeccably smooth surface. Our manufacturing process brings piece of mind to staff as they know residents will be kept safe within the facility.  

Dining and Day Room Furniture

Solid, single-piece molded anti-ligature furniture allow for safe gatherings between residents and visitors while maintaining a level of comfort to promote positive interactions. Additionally, color can have a noticeable impact on residents’ mood and can uplift the whole environment of the facility. That’s why we chose the molding process we do so that we can produce institutional furniture with vibrant, nature-inspired colors, to promote a sense of calm and well-being. The chosen material for institutional furniture is highly durable and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use in what can sometimes be challenging environments.

Max-Secure Estilo Dining Table

Let’s Create Better Institutional Furniture Together

Your institutional furniture deserves a manufacturing process that can hit all of the unique attributes needed to produce safe and reliable pieces of institutional furniture. Comoldco specializes in thermoset compression molding of FRP plastics to create customized solutions for institutional furniture.