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Multi-Media Components

Extraordinary aesthetics, pristine performance and lightweight, FRP (fiber reinforced plastics) extend far beyond common uses such as automotive parts or transit components. From everyday products such as speakers to impressive movie set designs, thermoset compression molding can replace the weight, labor time and costs of traditional materials, while creating an unforgettable end-user experience. With years of experience working with industry experts, compression molding by Comoldco puts you head of industry curve.

Elevated Multi-Media Components

Comoldco corporation has applied years of industry expertise with compression molding of sheet molding compounds (SMC), bulk molding compounds (BMC) and glass mat reinforced thermoplastic (GMT) materials to the multi-media and entertainment industry, providing an experience like none other. Our strong partnerships with global brands has given us the expertise to bring your products above and beyond customer expectations. Our investment into a purpose built facility with the most modern automated manufacturing equipment gives your products the advantages of time-efficient, high volume production, with the flexibility to make improvements and revisions without delay. 

Comoldco Elevated Multi Media Components
Comoldco speaker

Concert Speakers

From the inside out, every component of professional grade concert speakers works together to create a clear sound. Throughout the molding and assembly processes we have put extra care into the concert speaker components we produce to ensure unmatched sound pressure levels (SPL).  The unique composition of FRP materials creates a lightweight speaker that is easy to transfer between venues, without sacrificing sound quality. The incomparable strength of our thermoset components adds to an exceptionally long-lasting end product. Comoldco’s concert speaker components have been used in many prestigious venues around the world and provide concert-goers with the acoustical performance they expect! 

Movie Set Design

Sitting back watching your favorite sci-fi film, in awe of the impressive, futuristic settings and wondering just how the pulled that off? Compression molded fiberglass reinforced materials significantly reduce the cost and labor times of traditional materials and can be molded with extremely intricate details, adding a layer of realism to movie sets that is sure to blow audiences away. Comoldco’s wide variety of in-mold coatings and finishes allows you to create movie sets and props that perfectly mimic traditional materials, without the weight. With your creative vision and Comoldco’s expertise, we can create impressive movie sets and props, to transport audiences into the film.

Comoldco Movie Set Design

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