Complete Product Assembly

Delivering expectational, fully finished products.

Optimized Supply Chain

Deliver complete parts to your customers sooner.

Cost Effective

Cut out the need for a middle man, with our in-house assembly.

Attention to Detail

Get everything just right, when you choose to work with Comoldco.

Assembly Services

In addition to our streamlined manufacturing and finishing processes, Comoldco Corporation offers a full suite of assembly services to provide you with a fully-finished, ready-to-ship product. Our dedication to providing customers with expectational products shows through our meticulous assembly process.

Valued Assembly Services

Before you impress your customers, Comoldco Corporation aims to impress you! From cutting and drilling to adhesives and fasteners, we offer a full-suite of assembly services to truly take your product from concept to completion, all under one roof; saving you time and money. Our skilled tradesmen take the time to understand the parameters of your project, in order to order to provide finish parts that exceed all relevant requirements. With a close eye on the details, your parts are finished and inspected to ensure quality and the ease of end use. 

To ensure you meet customer deadlines, Comoldco Corporation offers the following assembly services: 

  • Adhesives 
  • Mechanical Fasteners and Clips 
  • Bonding 
  • Drilling and Notching 
  • Labeling 
  • Packaging for Transportation
Assembled LRT Transit Seating
Parts assembly at Comoldco

Valued Assembly Services

Rely on our expert knowledge of composite materials to source and supply the best materials for your project. Adversely, we are happy to work with the materials you supply. 

Quality Inspections

Quality inspections will be performed at each step of our production as well as on finished products to ensure quality compliance and achieve complete customer confidence and satisfaction. 

Chose Comoldco Corporation for your Assembly Services

Rely on our expert assembly services to follow up manufacturing to provide you with a product you love.