Deflash & Trimming / Drilling & Machining

Precision Machining for Complex, Detailed Parts

Modern Robotics

The latest technology drives quicker lead times, while reducing costs.

Flexible Automation

Easily pivot between part production with automated manufacturing.

Improved Consistency

Automated manufacturing reduces variability from part to part.

Automated Manufacturing

From concept to completion, every step of the production process should be as custom and carefully crafted as your product.

Comoldco’s innovative design time has streamlined a custom manufacturing process, allowing you to create higher volumes of complex parts without the wait times of traditional manufacturing.

Additionally, manufacturing automation allows for higher mechanical precision and consistency in each product while decreasing operation expenses and significantly reducing the error rate. Our flexible automation processes are handled from a computer, which allows for quick batch turn overs and the production of a variety of products one right after another without losing any valuable production time. Our customers have repeatedly chosen Comoldco Corporation because of the consistent quality and minimal downtime our manufacturing automation offers. Your intricate, complex products require a high level of detail and reliability, and our automated manufacturing ensures each piece is as perfect as the last.

Trimming Machine at Comoldco

Deflash and Trimming

During the molding process, a seam can develop on the product, where areas of the mold meet each other, creating a parting line. For best performance and aesthetics flash, the seam of excess material, must be removed.

As part of a full-suite of customized manufacturing services, Comoldco offers both singular and double robotic flex cells in house, which can be programmed to complete and repeat a variety of tasks without error, such as deflash and trimming. Comoldco’s flex cell robotic technology provides the ultimate solution in flexibility and high precision, without the cost. Utilizing automated manufacturing techniques ensures exact and repeatable part uniformity across high, medium and low production quantities, while allowing for faster lead times. 

Our in-house waterjet makes clean, precise cuts and can easily be programmed to cut along any contour or shape. Waterjets use the pressure created from forcing water through a tiny hole to create a high-velocity jet stream which can cut through almost any material with exact precision, ranging from foam or plastic, all the way up to stainless steel and granite, making it the ideal choice for all deflash and trimming requirements.

Auto deflection shield made by Comoldco
composite industrial fan parts manufactured by Comoldco
Grill Opening Reinforcement

Drilling and Machining

Comoldco utilizes today’s most advanced automated manufacturing processes to perform a range of secondary and finishing tasks. Implementing robotics in drilling and machining operations eliminates errors and reduces variability between parts, while reducing manufacturing costs. Automated manufacturing is especially cost-effective for small batches, or batches with variety between parts. For drilling and machining, Comoldco relies on our multi-axis flex cell robotics to maximize output while reducing the cost per unit. 

Using flex cell robotics for drilling and machining can be standardized, applied and reused in multiple applications, to simplify programming, maintenance and product support.

Perfect the Finishing Touches with Comoldco Corporation

Rely on Comoldco to get the finishing details of your parts just right.