At Comoldco, we have partnered with the expert engineering teams behind Armor-Tile® tactile walking surface indicators and Armor-Deck® transit platform panels to bring you the safest, most durable transit safety solutions on the market. Our specialized thermoset compression molding of FRP plastics creates a durable polymer tactile warning product that can be used in a wide range of applications.

The long-lasting, extremely durable polymer material we use in the manufacturing process produces incredibly light-weight products that are easy to install.

LRT Seats

As the population continues to grow, so does the demand for light rail transit. With larger urban populations, the need for transport also increases.

Comoldco utilizes our specialized compression molding techniques to provide SMC seating and various seating components for light rail transit. 

Tactile Warning Surface Indicators

Tactile Warning Surface Indicators

The truncated dome tiles produced at Comoldco can be found throughout multi-modal transit stations and transit platforms. These durable tactile warning surface indicators help to create a more accessible space for persons of all abilities. The specially designed, and always code compliant, truncated domes found within Armor-Tile® tactile tiles can be comfortably felt underfoot to alert persons with visual impairments that they are reaching the edge of the transit platform. These tactile warning tiles can also be used to alert pedestrians to any upcoming hazards, such as roadway entrances.

Comoldco’s specialized manufacturing process allows for the use of bright colours. Tactile warning tiles need to starkly contrast the surrounding area, to serve as a visual warning, in addition to providing a tactile warning. Moreover, truncated dome tiles can also serve as an audible warning. When tapped with a guidance cane, truncated domes emit a unique sound, alerting persons with visual impairments of the change in walkway.

Tactile walking surface indicators manufactured at Comoldco are built to last, providing a critical element of safety to transit stations for years to come.

Transit Infrastructure Solutions

Transit Infrastructure Solutions

Transit infrastructure solutions, such as pedestrian or vehicle bridges, heating panels, and tactile walking surface indicators all work together to make multi-modal transit stations safer for everyone.

Vehicle and pedestrian platforms are manufactured using engineered polymer composite structural panels, making them incredibly light-weight and easy to maneuver. Armor-Deck® detectable warning panels save time and money on construction and substructure, as these panels can reduce up to 85% of concrete weight.

Armor-Deck® ramps provide a safe passage between platform to train or between train cars in an emergency. Installed fixed to the transit platform or made portable, these ramps are not only light-weight but are incredibly durable, capable of supporting heavy loads. For areas that cannot be reached by heavy machinery, these composite panels are easy to install, creating stairways and ramps throughout transit stations.

Armor-Deck® also offers a range of platform products. Very similar to detectable warning tiles, these products are installed to protect the transit platform, while extending the lifespan of the platform. These tiles utilize Comoldco’s compression molding manufacturing technique, creating a light-weight, easy to install, and incredibly durable transit safety solution.

At Comoldco we are proud to be working with tactile warning and transit safety experts to enhance accessibility in transit stations and on transit platforms. By providing the manufacturing for these products, we are working to create a safer, more accessible environment for persons of all abilities. Our manufacturing process allows for an incredibly durable polymer product that is sure to last!