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We always deliver functional and innovative mold designs, to create the best products available.

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Our expertise in composite materials gives you the upper hand in material selection.

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Product Development

As industry innovators, Comoldco Corporation is at the forefront of composite design and manufacturing, putting our clients ahead of the industry curve. We work with all our clients one on one to evaluate your product concepts and optimize designs to develop the best product possible.

Product Development Specialists

At every step of the product life cycle, our team of expert engineers and skilled designers look for ways to innovate not only your product but the manufacturing process as well, to further contribute to your success. Backed by years of industry experience, rely on Comoldco Corporation’s expertise to lend to your success. 

Comoldco product development specialist

Concept Development

Comoldco’s team of engineers and designers will work with you one on one to design, build and innovate high-performance products in any industry. Accounting for all your required performance criteria, and backed by dedicated research and development teams, we strive to provide all our clients with an efficient, durable products that is beyond compare of anything else on the market. Whether you come to us with just a concept or an existing product in need of modernization and innovation, our co-creation approach ensures a manufacturing strategy as unique as your product.


Manufacturing Design

From the very beginning, Comoldco works hard to determine the right strategy to manufacture your product precisely, at the most cost-effective price point and within tight deadlines. We demand the best, and ensure all tooling drawings are reviewed carefully by our team before any steel is cut to ensure we deliver functional and innovative mold designs that feature reliable manufacturing of quality finished products. When molds are completed, they are trialed for fit, function and dimensional validation to the original part specifications. Once the prototypes manufactured meet the customer requirements, the mold(s) can then be sent for chrome plating to reduce wear, offering longer tool life and improved part surface quality. Chroming can also improve production cycle times and improve part ejection and can be critical for quality molding on some part geometries.

Our expertise with reinforced FRP (SMC & BMC), thermal, and acoustic attenuation materials will give you an edge when selecting the best materials for your product development.

Building Prototypes

Finally bring your concept into reality, with Comoldco Corporation’s custom prototyping services, and evaluate the product and overall design first hand.  As we are focused on delivering an exceptional end product to our customers, prototyping gives both parties the opportunity to discern what improvements need to be made before moving to mass production. Additionally, Comoldco’s prototyping services allow you and your team to test and refine the functionality of the product, as well as testing the performance of a variety of FRP composite materials, to find the one that works best with your product.


Product Testing

Comoldco Corporation can provide you with industry standard product testing upon request. Through our internal testing, leading edge equipment, and solidified by our extensive network of accredited test labs, testing requirements can be satisfied efficiently and professionally to ensure product confidence.

Tests can be done as part of the product development to help establish design constraints or as part of continuous product quality monitoring.  

We can test for many aspects, not limited to; Fire rating, Smoke rating, UV protection, Structural characteristics such as impact, tensile strength, Color matching, surface finishes and more. Please inquire with your specific requirements.


Along every step of the product life cycle, your product benefits from Comoldco’s expertise and commitment to quality, and production is no different! Housed in our purpose built manufacturing facility, our state of the art equipment line-up includes 8 presses, ranging from 150T to 2000T. During the production process Comoldco Corporation is dedicated to producing durable, lightweight and high performance parts, with the option for mold-in coatings, Class A Finishes, finishing and assembly. Our manufacturing expertise allows for part uniformity and repeatability over low, medium and high volume production runs.

Along with our array of presses, we also have an oven for GMT processing, in addition to automated secondary operations including water jet cutting.

Through our QMS, lean manufacturing, and our continuous improvement initiatives we strive to reduce waste, control costs, increase quality and meet delivery schedules.


Our in-house design team can help you complete the design of your unique product. We can assemble detailed drawings in 3D solid model format to easily visualize your ideas and to include them in Patent applications to protect your intellectual property.

Our Designers work closely with our toolmakers & raw material supply chain to ensure the best results for your molded product. Raw material choices can be overwhelming and how to prepare your product to mold perfectly is an art form itself. Our expertise in compression molding along with the extensive knowledge of our approved suppliers will result in a product that you and your customers will be pleased to take to market.

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