Superior Step-Edge Safety

Sleek Profile

Precision in compression molding allows for a sleek, trip-proof profile

Non-Slip Grip

A tenacious non-slip grip has been expertly molded-in, adding durability and compactness


The reduced weight makes installation easy enough for any DIY project

Step Edge Safety Products

Renovate, protect and reinforce any set of stairs with expertly compression-molded ComposiGrip step covers. Comololdco’s proprietary line of non-slip stair treads are fabricated using tough, durable fiberglass reinforced composites and feature a high-traction, non-skid surface with a tenacious grip.  Additionally, we offer the option to mold in photoluminescent contrast strips to enhance step-edge visibility in all lighting conditions.

Expertly Molded Step Covers

Transform old, worn out stairs with an attractive and sleek finish. The use of thermoset compression molding of SMC materials allows for a thin, light-weight step cover which withstands the wear and tear of daily foot-traffic and provides a non-slip grip in all weather conditions. Our choice in material ensures ComposiGrip Non-Slip Stair Treads are resistant to most chemicals, UV protected and impervious to wear and tear.  

ComposiGrip Composite Anti-Slip Slip Black Stair Tread

ComposiGrip Non-Slip Stair Treads

With years of industry expertise behind our name, Comoldco has created a non-slip solution which not only enhances the safety of interior and exterior stairways but upgrades the aesthetics of old, worn out stairs. The anti-slip surface of ComposiGrip non-slip stair treads is not a mere tape or coating, rather it has been molded-in as an integral part of the step cover, adding durability. Our industry-leading compression molding techniques, combined with the best available raw materials, creates a step-cover that is impervious to water, unaffected by extreme temperatures and easily installs with the use of common woodworking tools.  

Ecoglo® Luminescent Egress Lighting

As a world leader in photoluminescent egress safety products, Ecoglo® provides a reliable and durable solution for all condition step-edge visibility. To enhance the safety of your step-edge products, we can mold-in Ecoglo® photoluminescent strips as part of the finished product. Once charged from exposure to surrounding light sources, these photoluminescent strips provide a bright glow for hours after the power has failed.

Photo luminescent egress path marking solutions

Take the Next Step with Comoldco

Enhance the safety and durability of your stairways with ComposiGrip Non-Slip Stair Treads. Have your own idea for step-edge safety? Contact us today to turn your idea into a ready for market product.