Composigrip Anti Slip Stair Treads

Comoldco Corporation is the proud manufacturer of a unique proprietary product known commercially as ‘ComposiGrip’  anti slip stair treads. Fabricated of tough, durable fibreglass reinforced composites, ComposiGrip anti slip stair tread covers have a high-traction non skid surface with a tenacious GRIP. It is not a tape or coating, but is an integral part of the product, molded-in for durability.

ComposiGrip non slip stair treads are:
  • Termite resistant
  • UV protected
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Impervious to water
  • Unaffected by extreme temperatures
  • Low maintenance - Color is molded-in
  • Low-Smoke/Self-Extinguishing
  • Easy DIY installation, using common woodworking tools


These step covers /stair tread covers are NOT structural parts are are NOT designed to support full load of step. The load-bearing capacity of each step cover/stair tread cover is dependent upon the load-bearing capacity of the step it is covering.  These covers are NOT designed to bridge large voids or gaps. Deteriorated steps should be filled/repaired or levelled prior to installation of covers. All voids larger than 5 cm (2″) diameter should be filled.

Installations on highpoint load applications (such as ‘Bear-Claw’ style gratings) should be made using ComposiGrip high strength “Industrial Step covers” use our Enquiry form on the Contact Us page for more details.

​Resurface worn slippery steps with ComposiGrip anti slip stair tread covers

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Anti slip stair treads are available in Beige or Grey and come in ​48-inch lengths which can easily be cut to size. Our patent pending non slip stair treads have a GRIP pattern has smooth channels between the diamonds to allow fluids to flow away from tread, reducing slickness.
Affordable and attractive stair tread covers for DIY installation.
ComposiGrip - Economical, Durable and Attractive Slippery exterior wood steps resurfaced with ComposiGrip anti slip stair treads
ComposiGrip non slip stair treads have a tenacious GRIP – the best composite stair tread covers available. Frost, Ice, snow clean off easily – just tap surface with back of a broom then sweep off.
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